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Moving To A New Blog Site

For some technical reasons I have moved my site to a different location. Please visit:

Please change all your links to this new blog site

.. and continue to send me your great feedback.

All the content from this side has also been moved there.

I have made a new post there by the title: “What BPM can Learn from Robotics”


Hello world!

Welcome to my first post on my Leadership BPM blog!

I have spent 14 years in the BPM/workflow industry fighting in the trenches from the very early days as the founder and CEO of Ultimus Inc. During this period I was involved in 100s of BPM deployments worldwide and collected a wealth of experience. Now that I have retired from Ultimus, I want to leverage this expeience and help senior executives to learn about and benefit from BPM and related technologies. I have a unique perspective and I have been very focused on the practical, nuts-and-bolts issues about BPM that senior executives have to understand if they are going to fully realize the potential of BPM.

In this blog I will write regularly about my experiences with BPM and also share what I find when I look at the BPM world from the other side of the fence!